Monday, August 18, 2008

Palestinian-Israeli Water Rights Model Agreement

Received this request for holding the participants in your thoughts for an amicable meeting near Annapolis this week: FYI

Dear friends,

Between August 17 and 22, the Annapolis Friends Peace and Justice Center is sponsoring a Geneva Initiative Water Rights Dialogue in which Palestinian and Israeli negotiators will join US facilitators and neutral experts near Annapolis with the hope of crafting a model agreement on water rights. Ensuring the right of all people in the region to basic needs such as water is a key component to lasting peace.

As part of the process, we are forming a prayer team and invite you to participate in distance prayer and good thoughts for the purpose of protecting and holding the sacred space for negotiators and facilitators. The intention is for a ‘retreat’ environment of sacred silence, free from distractions (press, fanfare, etc.) so that the greatest good for the greatest number realized.

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