Monday, August 11, 2008

How to avoid pregnancy by sleeping

Sommer Isdale, w:Miss Texas Teen USA 2007Image via WikipediaFrom Ruth Wahtera:

Abstinence-only has never made any sense to me, but here's a real-world example of how ridiculous it is. Sarah Audelo, the new Youth Activist Network Manager at Advocates for Youth, shared the story of how she decided to return to Washington after two years in Teach for America in their e-newsletter. Here's a bit of it.

In Texas, an abstinence-only state that issued textbooks with no mention of contraception, and suggested getting enough sleep so one could make good decisions as a method of teen pregnancy prevention, I felt powerless to help youth protect themselves. This is why I felt the need to return to Advocates for Youth. As a teacher, I had the amazing opportunity to work one-on-one with my students to foster leadership and good decision-making. But I quickly realized it was the larger policies that needed to be tackled, and so I came back to Washington, DC.

Get good enough sleep to prevent pregnancy! Ha! One of the reasons I support Advocates for Youth and AAUW is their leadership in dealing with issues like this. I hope we'll see a change in the Federal policy of abstinence-only funding soon.

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