Friday, June 13, 2008

Seventy-two Become New US Citizens

From Louise Flood:

Whew! just home from Ulster County's Naturalization Court. It's the first that it has been held here since 1992...a swift calculation of 16 years.
Our people have had to trek to NYC.

Many years ago it was sponsored by the County Court and Daughters of the American Revolution.

We Daughters handed out flags and lapel pins today and were given "catbird" seats to witness the 72 newcomers sworn in. They came from 37 countries...Albania to Zaire.

Judge Peters gave an impressive address. So did Assemblymen Cahill and Lopez. That takes something for me to say, who never sits still for political addresses. They were both touching.

The Sheriffs provided refreshments and many photos were snapped. The Woodcrest Choir rendered the necessary patriotic tunes.

I think it's something every native born American should witness at least once in order to appreciate their birthright. It was a 2-hour sit that was so well worth it.

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