Wednesday, June 4, 2008


From ViVi Hlavsa:

Author Talk with Joseph Cavano

Tuesday June 10th, 2008
6:00-7:30 pm

Joseph Cavano, longtime Kingston resident, retired Kingston High School English teacher and sometime jazz musician, will read from his new collection of short stories Half-Past Nowhere and lead a discussion of writing and the relationship of music to the creative process.

Half-Past Nowhere
is a collection of short stories that follows a young boy from "innocence to experience." as he comes of age in Upstate New York. Two stories in the collection, "Phineas Rising" and "Mountain Men" have been selected as finalists in the prestigious Glimmer Train Short Story Contest.

Mr. Cavano will use his own experiences as well as many from famous writers and musicians. He'll spend some time discussing the craft of writing (perspiration versus inspiration) and point out what some well-known writers thought about it and how they went about perfecting their craft. Mr. Cavano also encourages those who love to write to
discuss their own experiences. Questions from the floor are encouraged and often lead the author to an "off the cuff" discussion that may be the highpoint of the talk. Like playing jazz and writing itself, you never know where you are going until you get there.

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