Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ulster County Respite Care

Apply by 12/30/07 for 2008

Garnette Arledge send this information for posting.

Yes it’s true! The Alzheimer's Association/ Hudson Valley, Rockland/ Westchester chapter has grants for respite care of someone with dementia that MUST be applied for the end of this year (2007) That’s just under 3 weeks! Here are the details;

  1. The grants are for up to $500 (more $ may be available in some circumstances). They’re called TIME AWAY GRANTS and are to help caregivers of a loved one with dementia. The help is temporary, to allow the caregiver a respite, whether to attend an out-of town gathering, go away overnight, do errands, have a medical procedure done, or just sleep late for a change.
  2. The person being cared for need not have Alzheimer’s disease (Dementia can be caused by many things, such as Parkinson’s, Vascular disease, etc)
  3. The family must reside in Ulster County – but it’s a Big county folks…
  4. The Respite care that the grant covers can include a home care aide, adult day care or temporary placement in a nursing home, assisted living, or adult home.
  5. The care provider must be from a licensed agency only –no privately paid aides are eligible.

If you know someone who meets these criteria, or you think they meet the criteria, PLEASE notify me ASAP and I can interview them and get an application completed. And please pass the word, we’re running out of time.


Wendy K. Rudder, LCSW
Care Consultant
Alzheimer's Association
Jefferson Plaza Suite #103
, NY 12601
Tel: 845-471-2655 or 340-8474


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