Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Older Volunteers in Demand

I'm just finishing up a client's application for an AmeriCorps program. The focus -- recruiting baby-boomers and retirees to work in NY state non-profits. And, here's a NYT article about increasing the number of older Peace Corps volunteers.

It's nice to know that our hard earned experience is valued. It's also opening up new opportunities for us to consider.

Now, where in the world would I like to go?

Peace Corps Looks for Older Volunteers - New York Times: "WASHINGTON, Nov. 23 —The Peace Corps is asking older Americans who might have heard President John F. Kennedy’s call to service more than 40 years ago to heed his request. Skip to next paragraph Enlarge This Image Peace Corps Mr. Hesse, in Jordan, says he now has “access and credibility you just don’t have when you are 22 and right out of college.” Though older recruits are nothing new to the Peace Corps, it recently began an initiative to entice people age 50 or older into joining at a time when many of them are stepping away from a career and into the great unknown of retirement. The focus on the age group has meant new recruitment methods: contacting organizations like AARP and retired teachers’ associations, and employing older former volunteers to work in nearly every recruiting office. The Peace Corps has aimed for 15 percent of its volunteers to be at least 50 by 2009."

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