Friday, January 9, 2009

Ada Lovelace Day, March 24th, is an international day of blogging to draw attention to women excelling in technology.

Women's contributions often go unacknowledged, their innovations seldom mentioned, their faces rarely recognized. We want you to tell the world about these unsung heroines. Whatever she does, whether she is a sysadmin or a tech entrepreneur, a programmer or a designer, developing software or hardware, a tech journalist or a tech consultant, we want to celebrate her achievements.

Who was Ada Lovelace?
Ada Lovelace was one of the world's first computer programmers, and one of the first people to see computers as more than just a machine for doing sums. She wrote programmes for Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine, a general-purpose computing machine, despite the fact that it was never built. She also wrote the very first description of a computer and of software.

So, help me acknowledge the women in technology that we love and admire.
  • If you have a blog, take the pledge to join 1,000 other bloggers posting on March 24th. (Over 800 have signed up so far.)
  • No blog? Help me decide who to write about here. Send me an email or post a comment with the woman you'd like to acknowledge.
Side comment: If you're trying to make something happen and need people to help you , check out to set up an "I will if you will...pledge.

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