Monday, February 1, 2010

Support the Hunger Banquet 2010

UlsterCorps: Volunteerism and Community Service in Ulster County, New York:

What is a Hunger Banquet?

The Hunger Banquet allows participants to experience firsthand how our decisions affect others in the world.

Guests draw tickets at random that assign them each to either a high-, middle-, or low-income tier-based on the latest statistics about the number of people living in poverty. Each income level receives a corresponding meal.

The first 15 percent represent those living in the high-income tier and are served a sumptuous meal catered by celebrated chef Samir Hrichi of Ship to Shore; the next 35 percent represent the largest demographic addressing hunger and food insecurity in our own community; our children. These guests will dine on an offering from the Kingston Consolidated school lunch menu; and the remaining guests, representing the 50% of the world population facing hunger and poverty daily, help themselves to small portions of rice and water. Although all guests pay the same price for admission, as in life we never know how fate is decided."

Sunday, March 28, 2010
5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

The Hudson Valley Hunger Banquet 2010 will benefit the following organizations:

Queens Galley, Family of Woodstock, Caring Hands Soup Kitchen, Daily Bread Soup Kitchen, Ulster Corps, Angel Food East, Saint James Food Pantry, Rosendale Food Pantry, People’s Place, Chiz’s Heart Street, God Given Bread Food Pantry and Libertyview Farm hunger relief project.

- 12 organizations
- 1 Mission
– Thousands served.

For more information, to volunteer, or to purchase tickets, visit the UlsterCorps site.

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