Friday, April 24, 2009

Volunteers Needed at Women's Health and Fitness Expo

From Rokki Carr:

Hi Friends and Colleagues,
Anyone interested in a GREAT volunteer opportunity?
Do you know of school, church or community groups that need service hours?

Please have them contact me at:

Your benefits include FREE admittance to Expo - before or after - your shift, along with seminars, entertainment, & the latest in fitness and health info. Please take a look and let me know.

Saturday May 2nd Tech City
Shifts: 6:30-9:30 7:30-10:30 10-1 12:30-3:30 3-6.

Duties would include:
  • Registration
  • Ticket /Entry Sales
  • Directing guests through the Expo
  • Working w/ Expo staff; via walkie-talkies, cell phone contacts

Victoria Langling
Volunteer Coordinator
9th Annual Women's Health & Fitness Expo
Saturday May 2nd 2009 at Tech City
Work 246-3036 x7333 M-TH
Home 339-3595 Cell 853-4221
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