Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Levers vs. Scanners: NY's Challenge

From Irene Miller:

Join the New York VOTERS who will be asking the state court for a ruling that "forcing us to vote on concealed, undetectably mutable optical scanners violates our constitutional right to a reliable, open, electoral process."

Our lever system is the only secure voting system left in America.

Here are two resources analyzing the voting machine issues.

1. To become
informed about the lawsuit and how you can participate in saving our secure lever voting system, read
Re-Media Election Transparency Coalition: "Software-driven optical scanners and DRE voting systems have proven to be vulnerable to undetectable tampering. New York voters must fight to hold onto their theft-deterring lever voting system before they lose it. New York courts must defend our proud history of transparent, safeguarded, trustworthy elections and proclaim to the State's legislature and to the rest of the nation:" [Read more]

2. To see close up why we must preserve the only secure voting system left in America, see this documentary recounting what has happened in every other state with computer-counted votes:

STEALING AMERICA, Vote by Vote. Opening in NYC, August 1st through 7th --- a "must see" film. Watch an eight-minute trailer for STEALING AMERICA

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