Friday, May 23, 2008

5/24/08: arts group forming in High Falls

High Falls Wonderland (HFW) is coming to a place near you! Visit our Web site to find out more about our opening Splash on 6/28.

This is an invitation for you to come play with us -- Richard Murphy, Eva Tenuto, Patty Curry, , ... -- at HFW, a creative playground. Our intention is to create a space for performance, art, workshops, and community. Aside from theatre, art, and education, we may look to explore line dancing, salsa sessions, roller skating, maybe hide & seek, a day of improv, or anything else you can imagine.

We are having our first organizational meeting on Saturday, May 24 at noon at HFW, 186 Mohonk Road, High Falls (at the Mohonk Arts building). If you have any questions or would like to be involved, but can't make the meeting, call Patty at 845-687-0797. At the meeting, we will be looking at how to involve the community (you!) in the creation of HFW with our first activity on 6/28 being a celebration that will be a dance party and sampling of performance.

Our first gallery opening will be a solo show of Paul Wemp's work this fall.

Any suggestions for performance and gallery shows will be greatly appreciated. If you know people who might like to be involved, let Patty know or have them give her a call.

HFW, 845-687-4161

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