Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bravo, Fight Crimes: Invest in Kids!

I found this news heartening. Not the fact that we in NYS do such a bad job with our delinquent kids, but that our law enforcement professionals are ready to embrace the research and pursue an overhaul of a broken system.

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids New York - Homepage: "Fight Crime: Invest in Kids New York released a new report finding that four out of ten repeat crimes now committed by juvenile delinquents could be prevented by adopting proven reforms."

Listen to the NPR segment on Juvenile Justice

The leaders of organizations representing 300 police chiefs, sheriffs, prosecutors and victims of violence who make up the state chapter of Fight Crime: Invest in Kids met in Albany as the report was released and called on Gov. Eliot Spitzer and state legislators to overhaul New York's juvenile justice system in the 2009 session based on the report's proposals.

"It's clear that our current system is putting too many juveniles on a path to becoming career criminals," Perkins said. "It's expensive, it's not working and it's time to change."
Listen to the NPR segment. Check out the report on the Fight Crime: Invest in Kids website. You'll find plenty of interesting info there.

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